The De Santo farm is located in Puglia, in Alta Daunia at the foot of Gargano. Matteo has learned from his father a practice that has been handed down by several generations. He also learned love for his land and the cure of the olive trees. He cares plants with passion and respect for the environment, together with modern olive acquisitions. Our trees are located in the countryside of Torremaggiore, a special area with the vocation to produce high quality olives: they are centuries old, and include Peranzana cultivar, a native variety. In fact, you can find this olive only in this triangle: Torremaggiore, San Severo, San Paolo di Civitate.

Our company is synonymous of tradition, passion and ingenious work. Our history contains stories of people closely related to traditions, which, thanks to their talent, started to transform the main product of the earth – the olive – into a high quality extra virgin olive oil. They enhanced the Peranzana olive trees by a process to obtain a special product appreciated all over the world.


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