The Peranzana Olive

The “Peranzana” is a particularly valuable variety of olive; it was imported by the prince De Sangro from the Provence, a region of Southern France. The name Peranzana, in fact, is a transformation of the Provencal dialect term.

The story tells that Raimondo De Sangro (1710 – 1771), duke of San Severo and Torremaggiore, during the middle of the XVIII century, remained so fascinated by the oil of Peranzana that he decided to carry the plant in Italy. He wanted to obtain an incredible quality oil also in his territory.

According to other sources, the introduction of this variety seems to be even earlier and it goes back to the family Angioini present in Southern Italy since 1266; they brought this precious variety of olive in Puglia. This plant has found its ideal habitat in our area, it produces an extra virgin olive oil which is unique because it is full of extraordinary organoleptic and nutritional properties: even the most difficult palates can be charming!

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